Blue Dress makes friend

I remember when I first arrived here, I wore a blue dress. Though the school was unfamiliar for me, but people I saw are so friendly. A classmate of mine told me I looked really good in my blue dress and we became each others’ friends since then. It’s just so nice that my blue dress brought me a new friend!

Chinese New Year celebrated in class

We celebrated Chinese New Year in Ms. Van’s class. We made dumplings and had hot pot soup together just like we were in China!!! We also watched the Chinese Gala on livestreaming. We had so much fun!

Class makes lunch for Teachers

I really enjoy Ms.Van’s class especially the Nutrition class. We can always make lots of food. On Tuesdays, we make lunch for the teachers and on Thursdays, we make food for ourselves. This class is a lot of fun.

Science class learns valuable lesson

Mr.Mark did a demonstration of potassium in water. He put a recording device on top of the beaker, looking down. He then placed the potassium in the beaker and it reacted vigorously. It destroyed the recording device and blew up. He had miscalculated how much potassium to put in the beaker.

Art student gets grade in unconventional way

When I was in grade 9 I was very bad in art. We started our pottery unit and it was explained that there is a chance that our pottery could break in the kiln oven. Mr. B said that if our pot broke we would get a 70% on the assignment. Since I was a bad student I intentionally broke my pot so that I would get the 70%.