Durham Christian High School is excited to host an evening seminar entitled “Adolescent Mental Health and Well-Being”

DCHS is passionate about the flourishing of our youth.

We desire to assist in equipping our community with resources and awareness regarding mental well-being and risk factors for youth. 

Dr. Amy Cheung, associate professor at the University of Toronto, faculty of Medicine, will be giving a presentation entitled “Understanding Teen Moods” She works clinically as a psychiatrist
with young people with mood and anxiety disorders and their families, and speaks regularly about wellness.

Special guest speaker, Christy Hiemstra, will share her son Jordan’s story with us. Christy and Chris lost their son, Jordan by suicide in September 2016.

“Since his death, both Chris and Christy have been open about the struggle that teenagers and their families face when dealing with depression, especially because of the stigma that is attached with mental illness …. That’s why it’s so important for us to share Jordan’s story with as many people as we can. We feel that by letting others know what this journey has been like for us, perhaps we can create opportunities for others who are struggling to recognize that there are those who care about them and to find ways to get help.”

We will end the evening with a Q & A session