Durham christian high uniform guidelines



We are excited about offering a school uniform! We believe that initiating a school uniform positively impacts learning and creates an immediate sense of school community. This is just one aspect of our unfolding strategic plan to help meet and deliver the mission of Durham Christian High School.

Students are expected to purchase tops and bottoms from the school online catalogue and be prepared for the first day of school. All orders are shipped directly to your home and take approx. one week (Caution: do not wait until the week before school to order!)

Durham Christian High Uniform Guidelines can be found here 

Uniform Sizing Guide can be found here


The customized uniform order website for Durham Christian High School may be accessed here (click on image below):

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guidelines for uniforms:

• Tops & Bottoms: Choice of tops and bottoms must be purchased through the Land’s End Durham School online catalogue

• Students are expected to be neat and well-groomed at all times.

• Pants, shorts, and skorts are to be worn at the waist.

• If pants, shorts, skirts or skorts have belt loops, we recommend that you wear a belt

• If you prefer to wear a t-shirt under your school polo, sweater or vest, a solid color shirt should be worn (white, black or cobalt blue). Note: All open zip sweaters must have a school collared polo shirt, not a t-shirt.


 • Skorts and shorts need to be the length of the end of your straightened arm (see picture above). 

• Skirts are to be no shorter than 1 – inch above the knee


• Clean, comfortable shoes of your choice to be worn at all times

• Course related clothing (ie: Phys Ed, team practices) will be worn during those courses only

• The school uniform must be worn on school trips and to away and home games for sports teams.  For certain multiple day tournaments or multiple day school trips exceptions will be considered.


• Student Parliament will be responsible for requesting special dress days. Criteria for special dress days will be in the daily page before the date.

• Not all items on the school catalogue are mandatory. Items listed are available as options for ordering.

• The DCHS uniform policy reflects our desire to uphold the following;

 – To represent DCHS as a smartly dressed ambassador

 – To dress professionally

 – To participate in community school spirit


How to Order your uniform

1) Phone: 1-800-233-5151, please reference your student’s Preferred School number 900155334, grade level and gender. The team of consultants are available 24/7 for assistance. This is the preferred method of ordering so Land’s End consultants can ensure that everything in your order is exactly what you need! Also, always ask what promotions are currently running – it is worth it to ask!

2) Internet: Durham Christian Uniform Order Site (see instructions below)
• Go to www.landsend.com/school. To view your school’s dress code, click on “Find My School”. Enter preferred school number 900155334 (no hyphens).
• Type in your Name, Grade/Status, Gender (you can save these settings by clicking on SAVE SCHOOL)
• You can then create your account by typing in your email address and type in a password – click on the “CREATE ACCOUNT”. To receive email notices of sales and discounts, make sure you sign up on the “Get Exclusive Offers+News” button .
• Now that you have created your account, you can start shopping by clicking on “SHOP FOR THIS SCHOOL” button (If you click away on any of the top menu tabs you are shopping outside of our school uniform catalogue and preferred school contributions do not apply)
• Select the product category (Tops & Sweaters, Pants & Shorts, etc.).
• Select the item. Click on the color and click on the size. (If you need help with sizing, click on the Size Chart link.)
• The school logo will automatically be added to your school uniform item purchase.
• Click on quantity and then click on Add to Bag.
• Review the product information in the pop-up box that appears and click Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout. Make sure you type in any promo codes that may be featured for extra savings. If you are in doubt of what promotions are current, call the Customer Service line at 1-800-233-5151 and ask!

Out of uniform days

Students are expected to dress appropriately on out-of-uniform days. Skin tight garments, crop tops, short shorts, mini-skirts, gym shorts, torn, shabby, patched or worn out clothing are not considered appropriate dress. Students dressed inappropriately will not be permitted to attend classes.

A student whose dress is deemed inappropriate will call their parent/legal guardian who must come pick them up from school. The final decision on the appropriateness of dress is at the discretion of the Vice Principal. Out of uniform days are decided by the Administration. Failure to comply with appropriate out-of-uniform dress code may result in the loss of the privilege and other disciplinary action.

ordering considerations:

Here are a few guidelines to consider as you get ready for the fall school year start up.

1) The items of clothing options on the school online catalogue are what we have made available for you to choose from. You have the choice of the tops and bottoms you would like to wear. All students must wear DCHS branded tops and bottoms from the Land’s End DCHS school uniform catalogue.

2) All items on the Durham uniform catalogue will be automatically branded with the school crest (full colour crest on all tops and monochromatic crest on all bottoms). Branding of the crests are an additional cost of $6.13/item (Cdn).

NOTE: Watch for the supplier promotion of a “PennyLogo” promo. This promotion allows you to pay only a penny for all cresting costs with your order.

3) All online orders are in Cdn dollars and will include taxes, duty and shipping (most promotions include FREE SHIPPING).

4) If you make an account on the Land’s End site (www.landsend.com/school) and select the Get Exclusive Offers+News button, you will receive direct emails of promotional sale campaigns on items on our school uniform catalogue. Many times these promotions include free shipping, penny logo branding, and sale prices. It is strongly suggested that you align your orders with these promotional campaigns to make economical use of the savings.

5) You may also want to order pants closer to the school start in case your child grows out of size during the summer. If you find you have ordered the wrong size, then you can ship the item back and the proper size will be shipped to you. Shipment costs will apply after they receive your item back to the factory (every shipment comes with a return postal label so you do not need to buy postal stamps to return). Land’s End provides free hemming of pants (just indicate the inseam length and they will be hemmed for you). HINT: If you desire to hem your child’s pants to allow for growth, please do not indicate an inseam length on your order.

6) All uniform merchandise purchased is guaranteed for the life of your child with whom you have ordered it for in the size you have ordered it in.

7) If your child has grown out of an item in size, then you can take part in our school uniform exchange program (on Edsby) amongst our school family members.