Tuition Schedule

fee schedule 2017 – 2018

1 child at DCHS for the school year Tuition $14,130

2 or more children at DCHS for the school year Tuition $$15,630

enrolment by semester

Enrolment is assumed to be for the full year program. Families who plan for the attendance of their children for only one semester must communicate that to the principal prior to the beginning of the school year. Families who withdraw after one semester without having given notice are expected to pay one tenth of the annual tuition rate beyond the end of first semester.  

payment options  download-form

Payment to DCHS must be made by post-dated cheques submitted by the end of June

Annually: One payment made by September 1st

Semi-annually: 50% by September 1st  and 50% by February 1st

Over 10 months: 1/10 on the 1st of each month September  to June

Over 12 months: 1/12 on the 1st of each month August  to July

Date cheques written to “DCHS” for the 1st of the month.

Tuition paid to a Christian school is considered by Revenue Canada to be made up of both tuition and donation. The donation portion of tuition when claimed upon filing personal income tax returns receives a tax refund of approximately 45%.  

what other fees might I expect?

Transportation: These fees are now incorporated into the tuition schedule.

Uniforms: These can be purchased new from our supplier Land’s End online (click here). Most families look at $300/child in their first year for uniform expenses. 

Other: There will be some extra costs for certain team uniforms, class trips and other incidentials. Families can choose to set up a student ledger account (payments due at end of each semester before exams) or can choose to pay as you go.