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The guidance program plays a very important role in helping the student know their self
and their gifts and interests, and in helping them choose appropriate educational and
career paths in service to God. The guidance program hopes the student will:

  • Know and appreciate their self as God’s image-bearer.
  • Relate in Christian ways to others.
  • Develop appropriate personal educational plans.
  • Explore career possibilities.
  • Be successful in their schoolwork.
  • Have a healthy and positive relationship with their parents.
  • Specific guidance-related class sessions are scheduled regularly with each grade level.


DCHS Guidance staff will provide the student with advice regarding their post-secondary
education relative to their current course selections. Senior students will also be advised
in matters of future education or work beyond graduation. Information will also be made
available regarding grants, bursaries and scholarships offered at various post-secondary
institutions. Guidance information is regularly communicated through EDSBY.

If more involved personal counselling is necessary, the student will be referred to a
professional counsellor.

Understanding Post Secondary Career Paths

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