Durham Christian High School

Facilities Application Agreement

1. Interactions

   A: Read this application/agreement in full, particularly Policies and Conditions prior to having an authorized agent or officer sign this application

   B: Ensure the date you require is available by contacting the school secretary. 

   C: Complete the appropriate portions of the application below

   D: Return the application to the school office along with any documentation or deposit requested by the secretary.

2. Date Requested:
Organization Name:
Contact/Representative Name:
Phone (daytime):
Phone (cell):
Please describe the nature of your event:
Will you be charging admission?
If YES, please state the amount $:

Hours you will be using the facilities

Approximate number of people attending:

Please check all that apply:


Week night rentals from 7pm - 10pm only. All breakage will be accessed at replacement value including labour. All users are required to report all damages and breakages to the custodian or school office and will be billed at cost.

Limited equipment for the gym is available but there may be additional costs for set-up. 

Special Arrangements Needed:

3. It is understood and agreed between the Applicant and Durham Christian High School, that an authorized agent or officer for the above listed applicant organization has read, and agreed to the responsibility of the applicants observation of the Policies and Conditions  of this agreement. The Applicant is understood to mean the individual or organization listed in the Policies and Conditions of this agreement.

It is further understood and agreed upon that the applicant and/or organization assume all liability, and that DCHS, its staff, agents, members, will in no way be held liable for damages to furnishings, equipment, premises and/or persons whether accidental or because of recklessness or whatever.

I authorize this as my acceptance to the outlined policies:
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Policies and Conditions for Facilities Rental


a) All rentals are subject to approval by the Principal of Durham Christian High School who reserves the right to refuse any applicant or cancel any reservation deemed to breach the spirit of intent of this Agreement

b) This application will be deemed to be a binding Agreement upon authorizing compliance to its policies.

c) Rental fees are due and payable in full upon acceptance of this agreement. Post-dated cheques will be accepted provided they are dated no less than 15 (fifteen) days prior to the event date.


a) Authorizing agents or officers of the incorporated or unincorporated organization using the facilities under this agreement, agree to accept the responsibility for the damages to furnishing, equipment and premises during the usage period.

b) SMOKING is NOT PERMITTED anywhere on School premises. It is the responsibility of the renter to enforce this NO SMOKING requirement. Failure to do so will result in refusal of permission to rent again. The renter will be held responsible for damages resulting from smoking.

c) Wine is only to be served for the purpose of making a toast. No other alcoholic beverages are allowed on school property. If wine is served, a permit must be obtained from the LCBO and must be displayed in the kitchen during the event. A letter asking for a permit can be obtained from the school office. If a permit is not obtained from LCBO, we have the duty to remove the wine from the property.

d) Renters must ensure that ALL exit doors and windows are checked  to be closed upon departure to guarantee proper closure.

e) The signer of this application or his/her representative must be in attendance for the duration of the meeting and must be present until the building is vacated by the users. PLEASE ADHERE TO THE TIMES AGREED UPON (late charges may apply).

f) Renters are expected to leave the facilities clean, tidy and ready for next use (furnishings and equipment must be returned to their original locations).

g) All organizations which apply for use of School facilities agree to save harmless the Durham Christian High School Board, its agents and employees, against all claims of any nature and kind and costs which may arise out of or by reason of granting of the application; and against damage, infringement of royalty rights, charges, slander, sedition or subversion which may occur as a result of public performance, actions or speeches, together with any costs which may arise in connection therewith.

h) Rental fees are subject to change without prior notification.

i) The school reserves the right, at any time and at their discretion, to waive or reduce rental fees for indigent or otherwise deserving groups. Only a donation will be accepted for school community and supporting church related activities. A supporting church will be understood to be one which financially supports Durham Christian High School.

j) All organizations or groups sponsoring an event or meeting must subscribe to the Ontario Human Rights Code and will observe all its provisions in its use of school-owned facilities.

k) Events or meetings will not stereotype or discriminate on grounds prohibited under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

l) Events or meetings will not promote or preach hatred or derision of any group covered by section j) or k) of this declaration.

m)  Being in any of the rooms that are not rented will be considered trespassing.

n) Key for the washroom for the disabled available upon request.


a) An organization applying for the use of the school facilities will be required to specify the official name of the group in the advertisements of the meeting to be held in the school.

b) Publicity must specify the place of the meetings as “Durham Christian High School” and must be approved by the School Board before it is released.


a) A copy of ‘Certificate of Liability Insurance’ for the above applicant/organization, for coverage of no less than $1,000,000.00 must accompany this application/agreement.

b) Authorized agents or officers of the incorporated or unincorporated organizations or individuals using the facilities under this agreement, agree to accept personal responsibility for loss or damage to furnishings, equipment and premises during the usage period.

c) The Applicant and/or the authorized Agent of the Applicant hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Durham Christian High School from any and all losses and/or claims for damages and losses, including any and all claims by third parties, howsoever arising out of this Agreement and/or the Applicant’s use of Durham Christian High School’s facilities pursuant to this Agreement.



Approved by Principal :
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Entered into Rental Log:
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Entered on Custodial Calendar:
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Copy given to Custodian:
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Payment Received:
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