About Us


Though Durham has chosen 1967 as its “official” opening, the school actually developed
over a full decade in the 1960’s. In 1960 Knox Christian Elementary School added grade
nine, in 1967 a separate association took responsibility for running grades nine and ten
from Knox, and in 1969 and 1970 grades eleven and twelve were added. In 1977 land was
purchased and a building erected just south of Knox Christian Elementary at our present

Durham Christian High School is situated on a beautiful property on the northern outskirts
of Bowmanville. Through the years our school has grown increasingly diverse in
drawing students from families desiring an excellent education for their daughters and sons.
The school is founded on Christian principles and a vision for school that embodies those
principles and values throughout the educational program and school culture. What is
clear is that the vision of the pioneers of Durham continues to shape all aspects of the school
enterprise. As it has done throughout the decades, Durham Christian High School
continues to prepare students with an excellent education creating opportunity for success
in post secondary study and in their growth and development as responsible and ethical


As board, staff, parents, and supporting community, we recognize how much we depend on
God’s grace to:

Provide an academic environment which;

  • is embedded in God’s word.
  • is creative, stimulating, and interactive.
  • encourages special gifts and insights.


Establish a community which;

  • is conducive to learning.
  • provides leadership and discipleship opportunities.
  • fosters respect and fairness.


In response, students will;

Grow in their commitment to the Christian faith;

  • respecting themselves as image bearers of God.
  • understanding the complexity of God’s work.
  • discerning good and evil in society.


Develop their gifts;

  • acquiring solid academic knowledge.
  • gaining skill in areas such as technology, arts, science and humanities .


Increase their desire to serve God and humanity;

  • displaying integrity in life.
  • demonstrating leadership and service.